Monday, March 8, 2010

1st update of 2010

I am so sorry for all out there in the cyberworld. I have been really bad about updating this thing. Life is good here in SK. In January I went to Japan with Chulmin. In February we celebrated our 100 days (Korean tradition). Also in February we had winter camp for the school at a ski resort. Thanks to my time there I was able to kick start my weight loss again. I had been on a plateau for a solid two months prior to that. Anyways, I am now down 87lbs. Hoping to break the 100lb mark by the end of this month. So, to give myself some extra motivation, here are some before/current pictures. Hope life is going well for everyone home in the states. The plan is to be home by July 1st for a solid month and a half or two months. Woohoo!!!

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Tina said...

You go girl. You look great!!!