Sunday, June 14, 2009

Korea's Best Kept Secret Part Two

Day Two: Sunday

We booked our tickets on the last ferry out so that we would be able to enjoy another day at the beach. Which, of course we did! :) Again the weather was great. Very foggy though which made it very mysterious when I was on my own walking on down in the water and all of a sudden I could see no where but a few feet around me. It was such an enjoyable day.

After we hit the beach, we packed things up to head to the port to spend the afternoon having lunch and taking more pictures. Of course, as we found a place to have lunch, we also found some good beer, a deck of cards, and the guys sitting next to us gave us our first taste of soju. All in all a great end to a quick but wonderful island getaway.

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Together We Save said...

Great pictures. Love the star fish. It looks huge.